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"When I signed up for boot camp at The Inner-Athlete with Alondra, I really did not
know what to expect. It had been 3 months since my last workout and I knew I needed
to do something to get back active! I began training twice a week with Alondra and
was really impressed. She had a lot of knowledge about fitness and nutrition. I was
never bored with the workouts. The creative yet simple exercises were not too hard.
What I liked most about the workouts was when she switched from the gym to
outside. Each time I left from working out with her, I felt like I really had a great work
out. In a couple of weeks I had an abundance of energy, and my eating habits had
improved. If you really want to get in shape or are bored with your workout, go to
Mona A.  (Boot Camper)

“I have known Alondra for about 10 years and have watched her transformation from
skilled worker to fitness enthusiast to successful entrepreneur. Despite personal and
professional obstacles she has persevered to build a thriving fitness enterprise while
transforming her own physique. Alondra is very driven, goal oriented, and dedicated
to her fitness passion & family. Not only is she an astounding fitness trainer, she's an
equally great person for whom success has not yet peaked.”
Charles H. (Personal Training Client)

“Alondra is an excellent personal trainer, friend, and mother and I would highly
recommend her personal training services to anyone out there serious about health
and serious about making huge strides toward taking over their lives again.
Regardless of how old or young you are, please contact Mrs. Alondra Chatman if you
would like a personal consultation or want to get started immediately.”
Jason M.

“I've worked out with Alondra for about a year. She's one of the most dedicated,
knowledgeable, results driven personal trainers I’ve ever met. Alondra’s strength is
her ability to use her vast array of exercise sessions that will improve your
conditioning, strength, energy and flexibility. Once this is all combined, extreme fat
loss is around the corner. JUST BE READY TO WORK!!!”  
Nate W. (Personal Training Client and Boot Camper)

"I've worked out on my own for many years and have had some success with weight
loss, however I never saw much of a difference in my muscle tone. I've been
extremely happy with the results I've gotten training with Alondra. In fact, half a dozen
of my skin care clients are now training with Alondra due to the changes they have
noticed in my body size and shape. Her style of training gave me maximum results in
a short amount of time by incorporating her suggested eating plan which I'll follow for
Shannon C. (Personal Training Client and Boot Camper)

"After a severe lower-back injury shortly after her varsity basketball season, my
daughter Tianna needed to strengthen her core and get fit again. She was inactive
for 3 months so she missed the entire spring ball traveling season.

We had been thinking of finding a personal trainer to help, so when we received your
card in the mail advertising personal training it was a blessing. We knew you would
be able to help her get back into shape.

After initial consultation in August, Tianna began her personal training sessions with
you. At first coming 3x/week and also attending your group running session early
saturday mornings. For a 15 year old girl to be dedicated and remain committed to
training says a lot about her and your program. Your personality, motivation and
versatility are key factors in your success!

We are happy to say Tianna has been back on the hardwood for the past 3 weeks
and is looking like she never left. Thanks for bringing out her "inner-athlete." We plan
on seeing you soon when there are breaks in the season to continue with more

PS: Thanks for getting me out there running those hills with you too..."
Tianna and Marita C.

"You were great!  Your overall fitness knowledge is incredible.  Your energy and
enthusiasm is contagious.  Your workouts were awesome.  I can’t wait to start another
session.  I strongly endorse and recommend your services."
Nolan J. (Boot Camp Participant)

"I personally love the classes.  It's really inspiring to be in a class where you see
women of different sizes and shapes all with the same goals...  The classes are
awesome and Alondra is a great teacher!"
Magdeline V.  (Aerobics Class Attendee)

"I would recommend the Inner Athlete for all fitness levels.  If you haven't exercised
for 35 years like me - now is the time to start.  The Inner Athlete lets you go at your
own pace.  I have felt very welcome and comfortable exercising with Alondra.  Come
and meet new friends and have an enjoyable workout at your pace."
Betsy V.  (Aerobics Class Attendee)

"I just want to say that I really am enjoying this time. (I especially enjoy it around
6:45am! - the end of the workout!). I was just writing today that I love my new body. I
love the strength I'm gaining, the discipline, the confidence and the focus.

This is really hard work and while I'm doing the exercises, I can't wait until they are
over, but the results are worth it all!

You are a great trainer.  You motivate me and push me in just the right places. The
value in what you offer is so much more than physical - it's mental, emotional and
even spiritual. When you push yourself (or get pushed) it seems like it activates all
the places where mediocrity or that feeling of  "just enough" gets overwritten with the
idea of "more is possible" and "I WILL do my best".

I couldn't do this without you and the things I've learned and will continue to learn
from you are invaluable. What is funny is that so many people mention that they can't
afford a trainer, but the way I see this, I can't afford to not have one."
Cynthia B. (6-Week Challenge Participant)  

"I have trained with Alondra for over three years.  From the very beginning, she's
been an excellent motivator.  Her training leaves you tired, but there is always a
sense of accomplishment knowing your time was well spent.  She is able to get
maximum effort from you at every session.  Her competitive nature and unique work
out regimens have provided me with the determination to exercise whether I'm
training with her or by myself."
 Ty M.  (Personal Training Client)
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