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When looking for a personal trainer, ask
yourself the following:

  • Can I motivate myself to perform my best?
  • Do I know what types of exercise to do?
  • Am I happy with my workout results?

If you answered "NO" to any of these
questions, now is the time to call us!
Who should hire trainer?
Anyone who needs help designing a program that fits their
individual needs.  Everyone has different and varying goals and
needs.  Our trainers know how to help you achieve those goals,
healthy lifestyle.

In addition to the exercise, we help with nutritional guidance to make
sure you are addressing all aspects of fitness.
What type of training will I be doing?
Your first workout will be a "How Fit Are You" workout which lets
your trainer understand where you stand.  Understanding how
strong your are, how much endurance you have and how flexible
you are is important before beginning any routine.  We evaluate
your strengths and weaknesses to create a plan that will work for
you.  Then, get ready to work hard.  

Every workout is different!  You can expect traditional strength
training, conditioning, agility work, boxing, track and hill work and
When can I train?
Training sessions can be scheduled Monday through Saturday at a
time convenient for your schedule.  

What are my options for Personal Training?

  • 1-on-1 45 Minute Training Sessions                 

  • 1-on-1 30 Minute Short Training Sessions           

  • Tandem (2-Person) Training

  • Small Group (4 Person) Training                                                      

  • 6-Week QUICK FIT! Program  
    30 training sessions
    (4 personal training sessions/week + 1 group session each Saturday)
    6 weeks of meal planning guidance
    **An internal cleansing kit **(additional charge)
    (CKLS - (Colon, Kidney, Liver and Spleen capsules and oil)
Need more information?

Contact Us By Phone:  (510) 638-3103
When you call, we can answer any additional questions you may have about

E-mail us at info@inner-athlete.com

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Personal Training Notes:

*For One-on-One Personal Training Sessions, a minimum of 4 consecutive sessions are required to be

*Personal Training sessions must be paid for in advance.  

*No deferral of service will be allowed if appointment is not canceled with 24+ hours notice prior to
scheduled appointment.  Less than 24 hours notice/No call /No show, session will be charged in full.

*Personal Training appointment blocks may be frozen for no less than 2 weeks and no more than
1 month.

*Personal Training sessions scheduled prior to 5:30 AM or after 8:30 PM are subject to a $20 per
session convenience fee.
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