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Eat 4-6 meals daily.  The body responds better to frequent feeding on several levels.

1.        Frequent feeding leads to better control of food cravings.  People are far less prone
to snacking when they eat at regular intervals.
2.        5-6 meals of smaller portions are far less stressful on the digestive system than a few
large meals.  The digestive system is really only able to properly process approximately 12-
16 ounces of food at one time.
3.        5-6 smaller meals at regular intervals leads to better insulin control.  Insulin is a
storage hormone that plays a large role in determining whether calories end up being stored
as fat or being used for other bodily functions, such as muscle formation and repair.

A meal consists of a potion of lean protein, a serving of starchy carbohydrates and
a serving of fibrous carbohydrates
or consists of a meal replacement that is essentially
a complete and balanced meal in a liquid form.  A portion is about the size of the palm of
your hand or the size of your clenched fist.  The same rule of thumb applies for meats,
vegetables, fruits and starches.

Our goal is to build muscle.  The reason we want to build muscle is because muscle is
the furnace in which fat is burned.  If we want to increase fat burning, it makes sense to build
a bigger, better furnace – more muscle!  If you do not have the appetite to eat food 4-6
times a day, then you must supplement with a meal replacement or with pure protein
supplement with carbs added to it (i.e. a protein smoothie with fresh fruit blended in, not
Jamba Juice!)

Examples of meal replacement formulas include: Ultramet by Champion Nutrition,
Muscle Milk, Mesotech by Muscletech Corp., Myoplex plus by EAS, MetRX, etc.

Examples of pure protein include: Nitrotech by Muscletech, Designer Whey by
Next Nutrition, Isopure, Pure Whey Protein by Champion Nutrition, etc.
Supplement multivitamins and multi-minerals daily
without fail.
 Vitamins and minerals are the cofactors
necessary for any energy production to take place and are
seriously depleted by the type of training that you will

Drink at least 8 glasses of water (10 oz.) daily.  VERY
Protein Choices:
     Lean Turkey breast
     Lean Chicken breast
     Egg whites or Eggbeaters
     (mix 3 egg whites with 1 whole egg)
     Pork tenderloin
     Beef tenderloin
     Fish / Shellfish
Starchy carbohydrate choices:
     Brown or wild rice (white rice is the
exception, not the rule)
     Sweet potatoes and yams
     Beans (no refried beans)
     Oatmeal (old fashioned, no instant)
     Pasta (preferably whole grain)
     Yogurt (Low fat or non-fat)
Fibrous carbohydrates:
    All Fresh Fruits
    All Fresh Vegetables

*Fruits and Veggies should be eaten
raw or lightly steamed
Methods of preparation should include only the following:  baking, broiling, grilling, smoking, steaming and boiling.  Meats can be
marinated, but should not be prepared with cream sauces, cheese sauces or dairy of any kind.  Avoid barbecue sauces and salad
dressings unless they are low fat or non-fat.  Avoid honey.  If you need to sweeten something, use organic maple syrup or sugar from
organic sugar cane.  
*Try to develop a habit of adding as little seasoning as possible to foods, so that the natural nutritional value of the item is
not destroyed.  If you really must have salt, use sea salt.

Essential Fats:
      1 Tablespoon Flax Seed Oil daily
      2 serving of avocado weekly
      2 servings of salmon weekly

1 Day Weekly:

FREE DIET DAY!  Eat anything you want, drink anything you want (except alcohol) You must complete 21 days of the strict diet
without cheating before you can enjoy your 1 free diet day per week.

After 21 days, it is not a complete no-no to have a small portion of something that is not on the list, as long as it is necessary to
complete a recipe.  For example, if you need cheese for tacos, use 1/3 of you normal portion of low fat or non-fat cheese and use
the same quantity sour cream.  One serving of whole grain bread (2 slices) or one whole-wheat tortilla or one whole-wheat pita isn’
t the end of the world.

That’s about it!  If it isn’t on the list, you shouldn’t be eating it 6 out 7 days a week.  If it is processed (can last indefinitely without
going bad and has no expiration date), you have absolutely no business eating it at all!!!

Last, but not least, start keeping a nutrition journal.  Record everything you eat or drink during the day, as well as the portion size
(except for salads) and the time you ate or drank the item(s).