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December 2008
Martie is still building strength and leaning out, but she has
accomplished a great amount of progress in a short amount of time
with commitment and hard work.

October 2008 - Updated
Renee has found what works for her.  She is motivated to move her
body, eat right and reaping the benefits in strength and confidence!

August 2008 - Updated
Carol is consistent in her routine of exercise which has proven
successful in her quest for a higher level of overall fitness.

July 2008
Asonti is Bold and Beautiful now that she's found her fitness grove.

June 2008 - Updated
Charles is Steady and Strong in his quest for continued fitness.

April 2008 - Updated
Read Julie's tips for making total body fitness your routine.

November 2006
Read how Bernadette has made the choice to exercise her way to a
life free from high blood pressure and to wear whatever she wants!

October 2006
Read Michelle's inspiring story about how you can succeed with
weight loss with food control and consistent exercise habits.
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