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Martie S.:
Still Getting Stronger and Leaner
Boot Camp / Personal Training Client

Total Weight Lost:  35 pounds
Body Fat Lost: 9%
Time Invested: 5 months
At onset of program
Workout Plan:
Bike Riding
Q - What was your biggest challenge in losing weight?  

A - To become a healthier and fitter individual.  Ultimately, I knew this would affect my
outlook and how I live in this world.

Q – What made you to decide to get fit?  What was your turning point?

A - I have osteoarthritis and high blood pressure.  I wanted to improve my health,
hence the quality of my life.

Q – What was your plan for weight loss and diet?  

A - Consistent exercise and a healthy eating regimen.

Q - How are you able to maintain your new lifestyle?

A -  After 3 months of personal training, continuing with the personal training.  
I’ve adjusted my mindset re: healthier eating habits.  It is okay to veer off the regimen
once in a while and still negotiate on how much to veer off, but get back on ASAP.

Q - Do you have any motivating secrets for success?  

A -  Personal training is one thing, but personal training with Alondra makes all the
difference.  She’s not only a trainer, but a motivator and  mentor.  She is effective.

Q – What is your current workout schedule?  

A - Personal training 2x/week, yoga 2x/week, walking/exercise bicycle on one other
day of the week.
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