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Julie S.: Striving For Her Best!
Personal Training and Boot Camp Client

Total Body Fat Lost: 4.5%
Total Inches Lost:  5 in
Total Weight Lost: 11 pounds
Q - What was your biggest challenge in losing weight?  

A - My biggest challenge in losing weight was staying away from tempting and
convenient foods.  It was also challenging to learn how to eat small frequent meals
and finish the volume of healthy foods that were on the menu.  Constant shopping for
fresh fruits and vegetables was also something I had to get use to.

Q – What made you to decide to get fit?  What was your turning point?

A - Despite working out regularly virtually all my life, I never seemed to achieve the
results I desired.  I was craving a better sense of health and well being.

Q – What was your plan for weight loss and diet?  

A - Prior to teaming up with Alondra, I had no formal plan.  She introduced me to the
6-Week Quick Fit Program along with the rigors of boot camp workouts.

Q - How are you able to maintain your new lifestyle?

A - Once I got use to healthier eating, it was not as difficult as I thought it would be.  
The Quick Fit Program jump started my metabolism and energy levels.  In fact, I now
really enjoy the benefits of how good healthy food actually is.

Q - Do you have any motivating secrets for success?  

A -  Get out of bed everyday and maintain a consistent routine.  I now plan my entire
day around my workouts.

Q – What is your current workout schedule?  

A - My current workout schedule consists of 4 weekday boot camps and the Saturday
boot camp workout. On top of that, I also try to get out for a casual jog a couple times
a week.

Looking back, I realize Alondra and the Inner Athlete Staff are what was missing from
my diet and exercise routine.  Alondra's guidance, insight and inspiration are exactly
what I needed to achieve my goals.
At onset of program
Weight:  161
Workout Plan: consistent
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