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At onset of program
Weight: 238
Workout Plan:
relatively consistent
Charles M: Steady and Strong!
Personal Training Client

Total Inches Lost:  (8 in June 08)
Total Weight Lost: (13 June 08 ) 25 pounds
Q - What was your biggest challenge in losing weight?

A - Weight loss has never been the main goal; only appreciated as a secondary
benefit.  The real target has been muscle tone and increased strength.  I know I'm
making progress when my body fat percentage is lower and cardiac output is
greater.  I've also learned to be tolerant of my body's resistance to change and what
needs to be done to overcome this force.

Q – What made you to decide to get fit?  What was your turning point?

A - Fitness has always been a part of my daily activities.

Q – What was your plan for weight loss and diet?  

A - Eating healthy as a lifestyle but using caloric intake as a means of measuring how
well I'm doing.  In thinking about my project goals, I've concluded that caloric intake  
is a key element in any exercise program.  The "no pain no gain" approach has to be
complimented with proper diet which includes fruit, fiber, and increased amounts of
fish and poultry.

Q - How are you able to maintain your new lifestyle?

A - The routine of my twice weekly workout program at The Inner Athlete reminds me
of my goals.

Q - Do you have any motivating secrets for success?  

A -  Be committed to your goals and be honest with yourself.

Q – What is your current workout schedule?  

A - My current workout schedule consists of 2 personal training sessions per week
with Alondra.  

Upon waking, I do a stretching routine to start the day.  Then I ease into a routine of
sit ups and push ups.  
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