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Bernadette: Making Progress Daily
6 Week Challenge Conquerer
Current Body Fat:  25%
Total Body Fat Lost: 4.5%
Total Inches Lost:  6 in
Total Weight Lost: 8 pounds
At onset of program
Body Fat: 29.5%
Weight:  169
Workout Plan: sporadic
Q - What was your biggest challenge in losing weight?  

A - I was challenged by two obstacles - time and habit.  

As a single mother and working professional in a very demanding role, I was very
limited in the time that I could commit, not only to exercising, but also to ensuring that
I was eating the right things, and enough of them.  A lot of time and planning has to
go into “mindfully” eating.  I have always been a healthy eater in general, but being
busy at work would prevent me from eating all day and I would end up taking
shortcuts to compensate.

Habit became another challenge — I would get home from work fairly late, rush to
make dinner for the kids and be depleted of energy, and this would usually sabotage
any workout plans.  

Q – What made you to decide to get fit?  What was your turning point?

A - Simple — I could no longer fit into my clothes! But I also knew that I was
developing a comfort with excusing myself from exercising because I was so busy with
other priorities: my sons, extended family, work, etc.  I had also tried to manage a
high blood pressure problem for years with exercise.  As the years past, the high
blood pressure became more challenging to manage without medication.  I am a big
believer in doing what I can to avoid medication - and I now know that losing weight,
as well as life-long exercise, is the key to better health.   

Q – What was your plan for weight loss and diet?  

A - I knew that I needed a structured plan, to combine working out with a weight loss
diet.  I found that, and more, with Alondra and
The Inner Athlete’s 6 week Quick Fit

I am NOT a morning person, in fact, I am naturally nocturnal, but it was clear, when
looking at my daily schedule, the only opportunity was to replace some sleep time
with an early morning workout.  Although I was reluctant, this has worked out great
for me—my day is started and I have more energy and feel better through the rest of
my day.  Having accomplished my workout goal at the beginning of my day, whatever
obstacles or issues come up, I do not have to worry about having to give up workout
time for another unexpected priority at the end of the day.  
I am my priority at the
beginning of the day, and there is something spiritually significant about that.

Alondra is an excellent coach, full of support and encouragement, and she knows
how to get you to work harder, so that you’re improving.  My program included
strength training and cardio, very effective in a surprisingly short period of time (a 45
minute workout).

The Inner Athlete meal plan was all about planning and execution.  As
Alondra has mentioned, being successful in the diet and the workout plan go hand in
hand—as my body re-engineers itself to use food as fuel, and use it efficiently, I see
more benefits.  It is not about depriving ourselves of something, it’s about making
better and mindful choices in regard to nourishment.

Q - How are you able to maintain your new lifestyle?

A - With Alondra’s support, I have created a practice and discipline that gets easier
to maintain as time goes by.  I look forward (not so much to the ‘work’ in the
workout—it’s not easy), but to the way I feel at the end of the workout — that I have
met a commitment to myself, that I am getting stronger, that I feel lighter and more
free of stress.   Because it has now become a habit, if I don’t workout, it feels as if
something is missing.  

I have started to incorporate several meal choices from my diet into my sons’ meals
(like turkey spaghetti with whole wheat pasta) that will positively impact their diet as

Q - Do you have any motivating secrets for success?  

A - Start and keep going!  Initially, it is so much easier to let everything else get in the
way of taking care of ourselves, whether it’s work or parenting, stress or limiting
beliefs about what we cannot accomplish.  The bridge between the idea, the plan and
the action should be a short one.  Once you are acting on your goal you’ve created,
the momentum that will help carry you through.   Start and keep going!

Q – What is your current workout schedule?  

A - I look upon this as still early in the journey for me, so I plan on working out at boot
camp 4 mornings a week, and participating in Saturday group sessions.  (And a little
football at the beach with my sons doesn’t hurt.)    
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