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Asonti B: Bold and Beautiful
Boot Camp / Personal Training Client

Total Inches Lost:  13 in
Total Weight Lost: 23 pounds
Total Body Fat Lost: 5%
At onset of program
Weight: 158
Workout Plan:
relatively consistent
Q - What was your biggest challenge in losing weight?  

A - Learning how to eat right has definitely been the biggest challenge.  I’m still
learning how to eat properly.  I’ve also learned how to drink water which was never
than fun to me.

Q – What made you to decide to get fit?  What was your turning point?

A - I have experienced some health issues which contributed to a gradual weight
gain.  Before I knew it I had gained 20 pounds in less than one year. One morning I
looked at the scale and promised myself to make some serious lifestyle changes.

Q – What was your plan for weight loss and diet?  

A - I had no plan of my own.  I started personal training twice per week with Alondra
which slowly increased my strength and confidence.  I finally decided that the weight
was not coming off fast enough so Alondra worked with me on a meal plan.  Later, I
started participating in her boot camp classes which I love.  The rest as they say is

Q - How are you able to maintain your new lifestyle?

A - I think I was just ready to make a change.  I made the commitment to take care of
my body because I care about health and well being.  I also eat 4-5 small healthy
meals daily with lots of lean protein, fruits and vegetables.  As I mentioned earlier I
also drink lots of water which strangely I’ve noticed makes a tremendous difference in
my energy level and attitude.

Q - Do you have any motivating secrets for success?  

A -  Don’t try to become a fitness guru overnight.  Start slowly and take small steps
towards success.  Gradually, you will see desired changes which will encourage you
to do more and more.

Q – What is your current workout schedule?  

A - I participate in boot camps 4 days per week and go the gym on my own 1-2 days
per week where I lift weights and do light cardio.
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