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I strive to be a walking advertisement of how a sensible diet and a combination of aerobic
exercise and a smart weight training program can work for anyone.

Goals and Missions
My personal goal is to help others achieve a higher level of fitness with my exercise and
nutrition guidance.  I find it very gratifying to help others reach their goals of weight loss and
muscle gain and to see them obtain an overall better quality of life.
(and of course looking good while you're at it!)

How Fitness Became Her Interest
I was always on one competitive sports team or another growing up.  I played volleyball,
softball, basketball and ran track in high school, as well as danced for four years.  After
college, I took advantage of the fitness facility at work and rediscovered my interest in fitness
with free aerobics classes led by a good friend. She quickly convinced me to study to become
a group exercise instructor and get certified. Shortly thereafter, I met my coach and trainer,
Kenneth Williams and was introduced to the world of personal training.  My first workout with
him proved that I had never really been challenged and I was hooked.  

I relate to the busy working mom as a wife, a mother of two young children (4 and 5 y/o), a
personal trainer, an aerobics instructor, a Boot Camp "Drill Sergeant" and owner of The Inner
Athlete personal training and fitness studio.  Anyone who puts their mind to getting fit can do it.
 I look forward to working with new clients and helping you realize your fitness goals.


ACE Certified Personal Trainer: since 2002
AFAA Certified Personal Trainer: 2001
AFAA Group Exercise Instructor: 2000
TurboKick Certified Kickboxing Instructor: 2000
High School Physical Education Instructor - 2006/07
Current AHA/Red Cross CPR Certification

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